My name is Anakin Andrae.
My first vet visit is today!!!
You can read my gotcha day
story HERE.

I did well with my car ride. But
then they weighed me on their
big scale, I was afraid, the scale
smelled different.
The humans comforted me
before I got those sharp thingies
with medicine in my leg.
Otherwise the Doc. Vet said I was
healthy and maybe born in
April of 2009.
On my way out I got to meet
a new friend, "Marti". Marti
was waiting for his turn to see
the Vet. My friend Marti is a
stray rescue too :) with the coolest face!


  1. Hi Anakin!

    What a brave girl, you are! And yes, your friend does have the coolest face..lol!

  2. You did very well on your first vet visit!

  3. You're a brave boy, Anakin! Vets can be scary! Marti looks like she is probably a girl (tri-color) but what a cool tortie face!

  4. Anakin, it sounds like your first v-e-t visit went well, we're glad to hear it. Your new friend looks very pretty!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. How wonderful that Anakin is healthy and he had such a lot of chance to have found a forever home with you ! I just read the story !

  6. I also think you were very brave and that your new friend has the cutest face...

    Hugs GJ xx

  7. HOw wonderful to have the chance at a safe, happy life~~

  8. Hi Anakin, so happy you now have a happy home. What a brave boy! We gave our Twylah her first bath on the day we adopted her. I am enjoying sharing our little adventures.

  9. What a brave puss you are, Andrae. But the visit to the vet is to make sure you're healthy and the vets also make you better. We've got to go and have our annual injections next week...we don't like the car ride very much. Too noisy and scary.

  10. I hate going to the Vet and I am sure you are better off at home. They tell you it is good for you. I always complain when at the vet and in the taxi. It doesn't pay to be too compliant.


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