This morning my husband returned from taking a
walk at a State Park and told me he had seen a
black kitten that was muddy and damp in a ditch
nearby where he had parked his vehicle. The kitten
had proceeded to climb under his vehicle and on to
our vehicles tire. My husband picked up the kitten
and brushed off the mud, the kitten seemed sweet,
and happy for the human touch. My husband returned
home quickly to tell me about the poor kitten and thought
we should rescue the poor kitten who probably had
been released to fend for himself in the forested area.
We grabbed the cat carrier, a towel, kitty treats and
my daughter added a cat toy in case we needed to
coax the kitten out of the grassy brush. We drove
quickly to the site and as we drove up a lady in a
van had found the kitten and had him wrapped in
a towel almost ready to drive off. She saw us and
we asked if it was her kitten and she said, "No" but
that she would take him to the Humane Society.
We told her we had come back to retrieve the kitten
my husband had seen earlier. That we brought a
pet carrier back and that we would give the sweet
kitten a home. Young male kitten Anakin Andrae
is now the owner of a furever home with us and
his five "not so happy right now" furry siblings!

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