All of my snow cats photos were
taken on a warmer sunny day after
a minimal snowfall. Outside, quick
photo and back inside our sun room
where their little tootsies and paws
were warmed up. A few of the cats
wanted to come back outside after
their photo and were waiting at the
doorway ready to sneak outside!!!!!
It's a once a year trek they all seem
to find quite interesting. Don't worry,
my cats never go outside in extreme
weather conditions like the big snow
blizzard with below zero wind chill
temperatures we have been having
here the last few days! Jewelgirl :)


  1. You could have a coat to Aniwa, so will warmer out there :)

  2. My cats have never been out, but I think this year I'll bring in a box of snow for them to try.

  3. My cats have never been out in snow, but yours look like they are having lots of fun.

  4. Cats are so curious, I am sure they find the snow quite interesting.

    Iris and her furry family at
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